Posted 29/02/2024

Our latest webinar below provides comprehensive insights into the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and its sweeping implications across industries such as timber, rubber, palm oil, coffee, beef, soy, chocolate, and cocoa.

Led by Cameron Scadding, CEO & Managing Director of Source Certain, this session will discuss EUDR, focusing on its regulatory framework, due diligence requirements, and the impacts on the timber industry.

With special guest speakers:

Charlie Watkinson – General Manager, Technical and Commercialisation at Source Certain

Matt de Jongh – Sustainability Manager at Responsible Wood

Phil Guillery – co-founder of World Forest ID and a forestry and supply chain expert.

Topics covered include:

1. EUDR overview and the pathway to compliance.
2. Exploring traceability, deforestation and verification within the EUDR.
3. Sustainable forest management and deforestation.
4. Geospatial data sharing protocol.

With scientific analysis listed as a tool used to verify compliance by EU regulators, Cameron Scadding and Charlie Watkinson provide insight into Source Certain’s scientific solutions that provide evidence-based verification of origin (Provenance Verification) and wood anatomy to identify timber types (relevant for timber-based products).

We encourage you to get in touch and find out how scientific analysis and origin verification of your products will help you meet EUDR compliance.

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