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Our Wood Anatomy Program, also known as wood identification, wood taxonomy or wood microscopy, is a scientifically proven service that helps forestry industry players validate the species claim that comes with their timber or wood products. Our advanced wood anatomy techniques determine the wood’s genus ensuring that it has not been tampered with or misrepresented in any way. 

Source Certain collaborates with various stakeholders within the timber industry, including retailers, regulators, traders, auditors and certification bodies, providing essential tests to support wood identification and due diligence. Our state-of-the-art laboratory in Perth, Western Australia is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of the Australian timber industry and global businesses engaged with manufacturers in Asia. 

Our Wood Anatomy Program covers a range of materials, including:  

  • Plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)  
  • Veneers  
  • Flooring  
  • Chips of at least 6mm in length 
  • Solid wood  
  • Furniture  
  • Wood biomass materials  

Anatomical wood identification is the most widely used technique for timber species identification – it is cost-effective, accurate and quick.  

Our trained wood anatomists can accurately identify most wood in trade using microscopic and macroscopic methods to genus (e.g. acacia, rubberwood, beech, pine, ash). Genus and generic names are commonly used in trade, making wood microscopy suitable for most trade verifications.

Why choose Source Certain for wood anatomy?  

As experienced analytical service providers, we know that testing is much more than just about individual test results. What sets us apart from others is that our staff are on-hand to work with you and your suppliers to solve problems. 

  • Diverse clientele: we serve a wide range of clients, from retailers to regulators, and traders to certification bodies.
  • Global reach: our Perth-based laboratory is well-equipped to meet the demands of the Australian timber industry while supporting global businesses collaborating with manufacturers in Asia.
  • Versatile expertise: whether you need to authenticate timber products or identify a tree root, our wood identification experts are ready to assist.
  • Quick results: 10 working day turnaround with express options available.

Our advancements in wood identification can help ensure that businesses are sourcing timber responsibly and ethically, which is crucial for promoting sustainable practices and protecting our environment. 

Supporting due diligence for regulations  

To ensure that wood is from legal sources, there are two things that you need to know  

  1. Where the wood came from.
  2. What the wood is. 

Our wood identification services support due diligence required for various regulations, including:  

  • European Union Deforestation Regulation  
  • Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation  
  • United Kingdom Timber Regulation  
  • United States Lacey Act  

Anatomical methods for wood identification are mentioned in several demand-side regulations. Source Certain is also a leading international provider of provenance verification services and is continually developing ways to verify the origin of commodities.

Learn more about our analytical science capabilities

Request wood anatomy testing  

Wood is an incredibly variable material in trade, with no two pieces alike. We understand this variability at Source Certain and offer support for your unique needs.

Contact us to discuss the specific products you want to test or to learn more about how this program can benefit your business. 

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