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Origin verification

Our provenance science service includes custom or pre-designed programs, and consulting.

Origin verification gives clients the ability to verify the origin of their products via scientific analysis to mitigate risk, validate digital data, protect their brand and support transparency within their supply chains.

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What is scientific provenance verification?

All Source Certain provenance verification programs are delivered using TSW TraceĀ®. TSW Trace is the name of our proprietary provenance verification solution, which is our scientific process for determining the provenance, or origin, of a product. Whether an item is natural or man-made, its chemical composition represents where it is from and how it may have been produced. Animals absorb these trace elements, isotopes, chemicals and molecules through the process of eating, plants through nutrient uptake, and minerals and stones during mineralising events. We use this information to create a unique reference chemical fingerprint for the product and its matching location of origin. This fingerprint allows us to verify a product back to a specific point of origin from any point in the supply chain ā€“ its provenance.

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Ongoing industry commitment

Source Certain has active provenance verification programs in place across numerous natural resource industries. We are proud of our long-term commitment to the Australian seafood industry, working with industry bodies and producers to build consumer trust, protect industry value and identify substitution and false claims.

Source Certain is a proud member of Seafood Industry Australia.

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Superior origin verification results

Our point of difference is the level of precision that TSW Trace delivers. While other service providers can identify the country of origin or region of origin, we pinpoint the location of origin down to a farm, fishery, pond, plantation, kimberlite pipe or mine. As the pioneers of provenance science and the associated analytical methods needed to deliver it, we can profile samples to a level of precision that is hard for our competitors.

Your trusted supply chain partner

From seafood, eggs and dairy to diamonds, metals and minerals, TSW Trace is the choice of scientific technology for the origin verification of natural resources.

As experienced analytical service providers, we know that testing is much more than just about individual test results. What sets us apart from others is that our staff are on-hand to work with you and your suppliers to solve problems.Ā 

Explore the challenges faced by each industry

We work many industries with defined needs for provenance science services. Click through the key industries we work with to see what challenges they face and how our origin verification service can help mitigate these risks.

  • Seafood
  • Critical and strategic minerals
  • Eggs
  • Forestry
  • Gold and diamonds
  • Meat
  • Horticulture
  • Coffee
  • Cannabis

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