At Source Certain we endeavour to build a better world through making accessible transformative science.

Science is our toolkit for solving complex problems that the modern world presents to the businesses and people that we work with.

Our scientific excellence, curious thinking and aptitude for problem-solving have made us leaders in provenance, analytical and forensic sciences. Our capabilities also extend into the postgraduate education, mineral and exploration, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and agricultural sectors and we offer a range of services including customised research and development programs.

We rely on an extensive combination of theory and practice to deliver excellent results across all services we offer. We pride ourselves on taking the time to ask the right questions, identifying your challenges and designing programs tailored to suit your needs – our solutions are not ‘out-of-the-box’ and are tailored to what you actually need.

What we do

Our history lies in the pioneering of scientific provenance verification over 40 years ago, which became our proprietary patented provenance verification solution, TSW Trace®. TSW Trace is used in the supply chain integrity programs we develop for critical strategic mineral and rare earths, seafood, wine, diamond and gold, forestry, food, horticulture and agricultural industries. It also supports our forensic work with law enforcement as an origin verification tool.

Our expanded service portfolio also includes established and highly regarded analytical and forensic science services. These services have supported global law enforcement, government agencies, industry association groups and corporate clients across various industry sectors for over fifteen years.

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Our Values

Our values are the fundamental beliefs upon which our company is based. They are principles that guide our actions and relationships within the company and the wider community.


We ask questions of ourselves, our clients and the wider world. We are constantly inquiring to expose gaps in our knowledge – to expose what we know and what we don’t know so that we can fill these gaps with new information, improved skills and better ways of doing things.


From how we design our services, to how we interact with clients, there is an underlying value of integrity determining our actions. We are honest and open with the people we work with and we seek to make a genuine difference through the solutions we offer.


We acknowledge the need to be adaptable and responsive to the changes occurring around us. We are connected into global conversations and trends so that our people, solutions and processes remain informed, accessible and relevant.


We have a desire to do things right, to have the right evidence and to be transparent with our findings. Our commitment to scientific rigor means we don’t cut corners and we do the job properly even if it takes more time.

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