At Source Certain, we know that supply chain transparency is crucial to the success of your business. We design customised Provenance Verification Programs for our clients to cater to their unique supply chain structure, risks and requirements. Our programs are scalable and can cater to small individual producers with a handful of production sites through to large corporations or industry groups that operate from hundreds of production sites.

We work closely with our clients to implement origin verification in a non-disruptive way that is complementary to existing systems such as digital traceability and ESG commitments. By implementing our programs, businesses can enjoy several benefits, including increased transparency, trust and confidence with customers and stakeholders, protection of brand reputation, mitigation of supply chain risks like fraud, mislabelling and substitution, verification of ESG claims with scientific data, and facilitating alignment with regulations. 

If you can verify the true origin of your product, you can protect it against common supply chain risks:

  • Food fraud
  • False claims
  • Product substitution
  • Mislabelling
  • Contamination claims
  • Product adulteration

Our superior origin verification programs will protect your brand reputation, build consumer trust and validate the integrity of your product claims.

We have existing programs running internationally across numerous industries, including seafood, timber, lab-grown diamonds, coffee, wheat and grains, apples, cherries and gold.

How does Source Certain’s scientific technology work?  

Our Provenance Verification Program is underpinned by our robust and leading provenance verification technology, TSW Trace.

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Naturally derived products absorb characteristic markers from where they are grown or made. These markers come from the underlying geology and can differ significantly within short distances. We use TSW Trace to analyse these markers of a physical product. The markers – chemicals, molecules, and elements – are then used to construct a reference ‘fingerprint’ that is entirely unique to the product’s origin.

Source Certain TSW Trace Elements

Our provenance science has been successfully applied to naturally occurring resources, including seafood, timber, meat, cotton, coffee, eggs, dairy, diamonds, metals, and minerals.

Watch the video below to discover how our technology works:

Why choose Source Certain for origin verification?  

As pioneers of provenance science and the analytical methods required to deliver it, we are able to profile samples with an unparalleled level of precision that sets us apart from our competitors. We can pinpoint the exact origin of a product, such as a farm, fishery, pond, plantation, kimberlite pipe or mine. In contrast, other service providers can only identify the country or region of origin.

Pioneered by Source Certain’s Chief Scientist, Dr R John Watling, the technology brings together 40 years of research and application across various disciplines. The method is routinely employed as a forensic tool and delivered by our Forensic Science Services team, who have over 100 years of combined advanced research and forensic casework experience and are world leaders in the forensic and provenance science field.

By choosing Source Certain, you’re choosing a partner who is experienced in delivering results and safeguarding your supply chain.

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Source Certain Supply Chain Solution

Supporting ESG and due diligence

The origin of a product connects to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) commitments and value claims as they are often delivered at that location.

Regulators and stakeholders increasingly require more information about the origin of products for companies to meet their due diligence requirements, for example, the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

For this reason, it is essential to have a program in place that goes beyond identifying a generalised geographical area and can supply evidentiary data for a precise location or origin.

Traditional methods fall short, including packaging, barcodes and labels, and will only trace back to where they were first applied, not where the product was grown, raised or harvested.

Our Provenance Verification Program provides scientific data to prove that products have come from a location with commitments like sustainable sourcing, de-forestation free production, environmentally friendly production, slave-free labour or organic farming methods.

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