Posted 13/12/2023

Australian Barramundi Farmers Association renews provenance program with Source Certain.

Perth, Western Australia (19 October 2023) – Source Certain extends its work with the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA) with a new contract to continue its scientific provenance verification program for all Australian farmed barramundi.

The program has been in place since 2019 and uses Source Certain’s proprietary technology, TSW Trace®, to determine the source and origin of farmed barramundi. This is done through physical analysis of the fish itself, linking it back to a reference database that stores a unique chemical fingerprint for each of the eleven aquaculture farms operating in Australia.

ABFA CEO, Jo-Anne Ruscoe said, there is an ongoing discussion around the integrity of seafood products and their claims.

“The industry is very focused on making sure that consumers get what is being promised. This is reinforced by the continuation of our partnership with Source Certain. The industry is committed to transparency within the seafood supply chain as a whole. This starts with mandatory labelling of origin (country of origin) and then making sure that these claims have integrity,” said Ruscoe.

Source Certain Managing Director and founder, Cameron Scadding says, “We are very pleased to continue our work with Australian barramundi farmers. It is always rewarding seeing the science we developed in Australia being used to strengthen a local industry of really committed primary producers. Knowing ‘ where our food is from’ and ‘how our food is grown’ matters. The extension of the program enables us to covertly take barramundi samples from anywhere within the supply chain and verify whether they came from the farm they claim. This drives transparency and trust into the supply chain and ensures that consumers get what they pay for.

The provenance program covers Australia’s largest and most trusted barramundi farms nationwide, including Humpty Doo Barramundi, Sealord King Reef Barramundi, TASSAL Cone Bay Barramundi, Infinity Blue Barramundi (Mainstream Aquaculture) Daintree Saltwater Barramundi, Coral Coast Barramundi, Barramundi Gardens and Spring Creek Barramundi.

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