Posted 11/03/2024

In today’s globalised food market, the journey from farm to consumer is obscured by complex supply chains.

As consumers, we trust labels and packaging that promise authenticity and quality. However, these assurances have not been enough to prevent ongoing incidents of food fraud. From adulterated olive oil to mislabeled seafood, food fraud undermines consumer confidence, can jeopardise public health and carries heavy financial costs to our primary producer industries.

The Cost of Deception

In Australia alone, the economic toll of food fraud is staggering. According to recent estimates, it costs the Australian economy billions of dollars each year. Beyond the financial implications, the repercussions of food fraud extend far and wide, impacting the integrity of our food supply chain and eroding consumer trust.

The Role of Origin Verification Science

By leveraging advanced scientific technologies and interpretation techniques, like Source Certain’s TSW Trace, which powers our provenance verification service, origin verification science offers a powerful tool in the fight against food fraud. This scientific approach enables us to verify the claimed origins of physical food products with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring that what we see on the label is truthful information.

Protecting Australian Producers and Licenced Varieties

Source Certain’s origin verification technology is actively applied to several premium Australian producers. Our technology adds a necessary layer of scientific assurance verifying the origin of products in the national and international export markets.

  • Total coverage of all orchards licenced to grow boutique apple variety Bravo™.
  • Total coverage of all Australian Wild Prawn fisheries.
  • Total coverage of all Reid Fruits cherry orchards in Tasmania.

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Meeting Consumer Expectations

Today’s consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it’s produced, and whether it aligns with their values. By embracing origin verification science, food producers and retailers can meet these expectations head-on, demonstrating their commitment to quality and integrity.

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