Paul Zimnisky Podcast: Grant Erskine & Dr. John Watling talk diamond provenance

"Paul talks with Grant Erskine and Dr. John Watling of Source Certain International, a Perth, Australia-based provenance verification technology company that is tracking diamonds using their chemical signature.

The conversation begins with Paul discussing the diamond industry’s need for a reliable provenance tracing strategy –and why a chemical signature approach may be the preferable solution. Next, John gives a technical explanation of Source Certain’s “diamond fingerprinting” method.

Grant then gives his thoughts on the commercial application of the technology. The conversation concludes with the group discussing how provenance verification for diamonds may play out in the future."

Key topics discussed include:

1. Whether Source Certain's provenance analysis of a diamond cause damage to the sample

2. How many mine sites and which countries has Source Certain provenanced to date

3. Where Source Certain efforts are focused within a diamond supply chain

4. Interesting facts about the equipment and instrumentation Source Certain use in the process

Listen to the episode here.

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