TSW Trace®  Technology

Our proven proprietary provenance verification technology

TSW Trace™ is a robust, definitive, tested and validated scientific method for establishing provenance of a product. It is used to determine a chemical profile of the product, which reflects the geographical location a product was grown and/or the system by which it was produced.

Pioneered by SCI Chief Scientist Dr R. John Watling, the technology brings together almost 40 years of research and application across various disciplines. The method is routinely employed as a forensic tool and delivered by our Forensic Science Services team who, combined, have over 60 years of advanced research and forensic casework experience and are world leaders in provenance science. ​


The team has published extensively. In addition to more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, the applications have been presented at scientific conferences worldwide, form the basis of book chapters and feature in the internationally referenced forensic treatises for Expert Evidence - 'Gold Fingerprinting' and '75 Expert Areas'. 


SCI has commercialised TSW Trace®  technology and provides an efficient and economical way to deliver verified supply chain integrity across all supply chains - food and non-food  - by providing accuracy, clarity and transparency in source claims. Provenance verification can occur anywhere along the chain, depending on your unique requirement. Clients receive regular reports on the status of their supply chain and are alerted rapidly when there is an issue. The Source Certain team can provide customised options and help to determine the most effective sample plan (e.g. regular audits or random sampling) to meet your needs.

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Video Credit: © Western Australia Police Force 2020