Posted 24/06/2021

Source Certain Internationa Head of Sales, Nathan Dubrich joined Kamni Chain’s Blockchain in Mining webinar in June to explain our unique technology behind “Gold Fingerprinting”.

As global leaders in provenance science, we use this scientific technology to enable the verification of a product’s provenance, independent of ESG or origin claims.

Using proprietary TSW Trace™ technology, SCI analyses the relationship between a product and its environment by analysing trace elements, isotopes, chemicals and molecules to create a unique chemical fingerprint for the product and its matching location of origin

The construction of the product’s chemical fingerprint allows Source Certain to verify the provenance of a product mid-supply chain.

Covered in the webinar:

  • The state of play of the gold industry

  • The risks to stakeholders when there is no line of sight to the discrete origin of materials, like gold.

  • How our technology integrates with Blockchain and other digital traceability providers

  • How we delivered forensic services to law enforcement solving international gold and diamond heist cases

  • How the technology works

Watch the webinar below to see how our technology facilitates more transparency in global mining supply chains.