Posted 22/05/2022

Our Head of Sales  joined other industry experts to talk about traceability, provenance and access to international markets within the food and agriculture chain.

This webinar is hosted by AUSVEG and provides real-life insight into different traceability systems available to producers. It features first-hand feedback from Tony Coad at Reid Fruits Cherries, a boutique Tasmanian cherry producer, who are leading the way with a triplicate anti-counterfeit solution for their boutique produce, including Source Certain’s Provenance Science service.

The discussion was held within the context of typical supply chain risks and relevant events that have impacted horticulture supply chains recently.

Key points of discussion:

  • Benefits of integrating origin verification into horticulture supply chains.
  • Benefits of integrating IoT into horticulture supply chains.
  • Tips for brand entry into China for ag producers.
  • How traceability contributes to growth opportunities in the export markets.
  • Proven methods of origin verification.
  • Value in protecting the origin of regional brands.
  • Ease of getting started with origin verification.

A big thank you to contributors:

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