Posted 09/10/2020
Earlier this month Cameron Scadding spoke with WA Wheatbelt producers at the The Liebe Group Spring Field Day.
Organised by the Liebe Group, this Latham event is an interactive field day that showcases the latest local research and development. Latham lies three and a half hours north east of Perth and is a big grower of wheat and cereal crop in the state.
One of Cam’s discussion points centred around the unmissable positioning of the Australian farmer front and centre in supermarket communications. The question was brought up, whether there is a power shift happening between the two ends of the supply chain? Do consumers want to be closer to the producer; know more about their story and their processes? And is this why there has been a surge in farmer-direct online ordering and is there a possibility that consumer behaviour is driving the shortening of supply chains.
This was followed with a discussion of the impact of Covid-19 on Australian producer’s export abilities into China. Are we doing enough to protect our supply chains from the risks posed by last minute biosecurity demands or increased tariffs.