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Diamond origin verification

Source Certain provides their provenance verification testing as a critical pillar of the SCS Global Services (SCS 007) Sustainable Rated Diamond Standard.

The Details

Origin testing of diamonds using laser technology

Source Certain scientists, Prof. John Watling, and CEO Cameron Scadding, have produced a technique to verify the origin of diamonds. The test uses the same methods the company employs in gold origin verification; a method which has been developed and used for over 40 years. The test employs some of the latest advancements in Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS).

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds can be analysed using the technique. It is even possible to analyse polished diamonds. To perform the test, a laser is used to take a spot sample (approx. 100μm), essentially invisible to the naked eye allowing the composition of trace metals in the diamond to be analysed.

Using the method, diamonds can be traced beyond the lab grown diamond producer to the reactor they were made in.

Source Certain’s forensic science has recently been used to identify diamonds that were stolen in the 1980s.

The multi-million dollar theft at the Argyle Pink Diamond mine in the 1980’s was the subject of four investigations and a Royal Commission. Many of the diamonds were never recovered, until recently when Source Certain’s Chief scientist, Professor John Watling, worked with Western Australian Police to test if the seized diamonds were from Argyle.

The elemental fingerprint of diamonds lasts forever which is an integral part of SCS-007. Trace metals within diamonds act like unique fingerprints indicating where the diamond came from. That’s why with Source Certain’s TSW trace method, the origin of diamonds can now be independently tested and verified.

“Our standard utilises Source Certain’s scientific provenance verification techniques and chemical profiling to document a natural diamond’s or lab-grown diamond’s mine or lab of origin.”

Stanley Mathuram
Executive Vice-President of SCS Global Services

Benefits of utilising scientific provenance verification for lab grown or natural diamonds

  • It provides the consumer with assurance that their diamond comes from a sustainable source.
  • Builds integrity and transparency in the supply chain.
  • Supports accreditation under the SCS Sustainability Rated Diamonds program
  • Independent laboratory testing can be performed at any point and supports auditing.
  • Verifies provenance back to the mine, kimberlite pipe of origin or lab grown diamond producer facility of origin.

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