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Our Country-of-Origin Verification for Coffee Program is a scientifically proven service that helps coffee industry players validate the country of origin claim that comes with their coffee beans.

The primary function of this Program is to detect suspected cases involving fraud, substitution, or mislabelling. It does so by initially examining the country of origin claim.

Our program utilises advanced scientific techniques and methods to verify the country of origin claim of coffee beans, ensuring that they have not been tampered with, substituted or misrepresented in any way.Ā 

  • Applicable to all single-origin coffee beans of Robusta and Arabica varieties
  • Verifies country of origin claims
  • Applicable to raw or roasted coffee beans, ground coffee and pod coffee
  • Analysis conducted at our laboratory in Perth, Western Australia

Why choose Source Certain for country of origin verification?Ā 

Our team of experts is made up of highly trained scientists who specialise in provenance (origin) science, and they work diligently to provide our clients with accurate and reliable results. Our program has been designed to be simple and fast, allowing our clients to easily obtain the information they need.Ā 

  • Diverse clientele: we serve a wide range of clients, including producers, retailers, regulators, traders and certification bodies.
  • Global reach: our Perth-based laboratory is well-equipped to meet the demands of the international coffee industry.
  • Robust technology: pioneered by Source Certainā€™s Chief Scientist, Dr R John Watling, the scientific technology we use, TSW Trace, brings together 40 years of research and application across various disciplines.

When you choose our Country-of-Origin Verification for Coffee Program, you can be assured that you are adopting a reliable and highly effective service in detecting potential fraud or misrepresentation in the coffee industry.Ā 

This program is a starting point for identifying suspected cases of fraud, substitution or mislabelling by first screening the key claim: country of origin. If you need further investigation into these instances or want to set up safeguards that protect against these risks, Source Certain can help you.

Explore our Provenance Verification Program here, which is a comprehensive program that creates a reference database of all discrete growing locations (plantation level). It includes periodic referencing of in-supply chain samples of your product to provide ongoing verification of the integrity of your product and its attached claims as it moves through the supply chain.

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Find out more about our Provenance Verification ProgramĀ 

Our Country-of-Origin Verification for Coffee Program is conducted on-site at our state-of-the-art laboratory, fitted out with world-leading instrumentation. The process itself involves a combination of isotope, trace elements and chemical analysis to determine origin.Ā 

Watch our video below to discover how our scientific methods verify origin claims.Ā 

We invite you to download our Exploring Food Fraud in the Coffee Industry flyer below.

Learn more about our provenance science capabilities

Download our Exploring Food Fraud in the Coffee Industry flyer


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