NAJ: Yearbook editorial feature – the application of science in the diamond supply chain

TSW Trace®, our proprietary technology began as a forensic tool, and is still often used to that end – solving gold crimes by matching a piece of gold to its mine of origin thereby confirming its authenticity.

We quickly realised how powerful that link between product and provenance is, and how our technology can be a transformative tool within supply chains. Verifying products that carry provenance based promises as they move from one supply chain partner to the next and eventually end up with a consumer.

The ever precious diamond is now tainted with the common knowledge of the conflict diamond trade. Unfortunately most if not all diamonds are still delivered to consumers on a basis of trust, whether or not they carry promises of 'ethical trade' or 'sustainable mining'. While trust is integral to the progress of business, it has done very little to stamp out conflict diamonds infiltrating international supply chains.

We are actively working toward a future where an innovative technological approach is implemented to properly validate the integrity of such claims in order to create an industry free of conflict diamonds.

This year we partnered with The National Association of Jewellers (UK) to start this conversation with their members. Last week the NAJ released its annual Yearbook, which includes an article on the origins of our technology, which you can read below.

You can view the full Yearbook here

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