Staff publication: Ian Dadour, Forensic Science International

This #NationalScienceWeek we share the latest published work of Ian Dadour, our Head of Research and Education and resident Forensic Entomologist who has just concluded a collaborative paper detailing the identification of blowflies relevant to forensics in a neglected part of Connecticut, USA.

To determine which forensically relevant blowflies dominate geographical areas, studies like this need to be performed on a state-by-state basis and this is the first of its kind since 1940 in the Northeastern United States.

This study correlated human case studies from the Connecticut region where 5 blowfly species were collected from historical crime scenes with the 7 species now prevalent in this region. This knowledge base will be relevant for any future forensic casework

The paper was jointly written with Dr Paola A. Magni (Murdoch University & Murdoch University Singapore), Julie Pinto (Murdoch University) and R. Christoper O’Brien (University of New Haven).

Read the article here.

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