Media Release: SCI announces partnership with the National Association of Jewellers UK

Perth, Western Australia (29 April 2020) – Source Certain International announces partnership with the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) in the United Kingdom to provide their members with the tools and expertise to usher in a new era of transparency to global diamond supply chains.

Australian science technology company Source Certain International (SCI) originally enlisted their proprietary forensic technology, TSW TraceTM to solve gold and diamond crimes. Their provenance technology is now changing the face of international supply chains across a multitude of industries. As a new Supplier Partner, Source Certain provides The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) UK and their members with the tools and expertise to usher in a new era of transparency to global supply chains and become the industry leader in ethically sourced diamonds.

SCI managing director Cameron Scadding says consumers care about the value based promises made by manufacturers and brands. “They have an expectation that diamonds, for example, have been sourced ethically from a legitimate conflict free source. Not being transparent and not delivering on these promises threatens consumer trust and more broadly the sector’s social licence.” 

Values based promises are prevalent within the diamond mining industry, originating at the source with mining companies and repeated throughout the supply chain down to jewellers through their marketing messaging to the end consumer. Claims such as ‘ethically sourced, conflict free and sustainably mined’ elevate brand image and product value, but jewellers and their consumers are becoming increasingly discerning of which companies they do business with based on the integrity of these values based promises.

Diamonds pass through many hands and stages in the supply chain before they reach the jewellers and ultimately their customers. They are repeatedly exposed to the risk of substitution and fraud as conflict diamonds infiltrate supply chains unnoticed, posing devastating brand and reputation risks to jewellers.

Source Certain's TSW TraceTM technology underpins ethical and sustainability claims by scientifically linking an individual diamond back to its origin, its provenance and in turn enabling the verification of the provenance of a diamond as it travels down the supply chain to the end consumer. Source Certain scientifically determines the chemical fingerprint for a diamond. This fingerprint can be used to verify the provenance of a diamond to a forensic standard. This process is largely used to verify a mine of origin.  The application of TSW TraceTM within forensic investigations and acceptance as evidence in these cases globally in combination with the granularity of provenance the technology can determine (down to a mine and within a mine to a pipe of origin for example) is what makes our technology groundbreaking.

The ability to analyse the actual diamond, independent of any certifications or assigned labels proves a safeguard that deters fraudulent activity within diamond supply chains, and in doing so secures the value of jewellers investing in ethical and sustainably mined diamonds.

For more information:

Mr. Cameron Scadding, Managing Director, Source Certain International Pty Ltd

Rose Aitken, Manager Brand and Marketing, Source Certain International Pty Ltd

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