Media Release: SCI announces partnership with industry body AUSVEG

Perth, Western Australia (28 May 2020) – Source Certain International, a global leader in supply chain integrity and provenance science announced on 15 May 2020 a strategic partnership with AUSVEG, Australian industry representative body for vegetable and potato growers, making available their unique forensic-based understanding of global supply chains and expertise in chemical profiling to address the challenges of credibility, trust and source verification of Australian agriculture supply chain within international and domestic market.

Perth based Source Certain International developed provenance-based testing to ensure any product – food or non-food - can be scientifically linked to its geographic source. The technology, called TSW TraceTM, was pioneered 40 years ago and utilises a chemical profile of the product, referred to as a ‘chemical fingerprint’. Within the food industry, the chemical fingerprint is the link between a food product and its origin (to a level of granularity identifying a farm or shed) which can then be used to scientifically verify the authenticity and provenance of that product at any point in its supply chain. 

The method is used routinely by the Source Certain International team in forensic investigations all over the world and has been applied to some of the largest supply chains globally in an effort to help businesses to be transparent with consumers whilst allowing consumers to have confidence in the supply chains delivering food and other consumer products to them.

Supply chains today are long, complex, global and often opaque. As a result, consumer trust is under threat and their expectations has shifted to a desire to know more about where their food came from, how it was produced and assurances of its authenticity and claims. With this increasing demand for transparency, industry stakeholders need to extend beyond traceability and embrace forensic technologies for proof of provenance and product authenticity. 

Scientific provenance verification is a missing link within existing traceability methods in the agriculture industry exposing the value of Australian produce, the reputation of producers and value of the wider industry to risks within the domestic and international markets. The premium nature of our agricultural commodities attract untoward activity including food terrorism or contamination claims (strawberries and melon), false labelling with unsubstantiated value claims (organic, ethical, sustainable), product adulteration and counterfeit. Our technology enables producers to quickly and accurately prove the provenance of their product at any point of the supply chain to ensure they maintain the value of premium products, build consumer trust, reduce the risk of supply chain fraud and maintain transparency in their supply chains.

Source Certain has already delivered whole-of-industry provenance programs for Australian Prawns and Australian Farmed Barramundi, and their provenance technology, TSW Trace™ underpins Australian Pork Limited's food integrity system "Physi-Trace”.

Our scientific processes are designed to support all other industry and proprietary based traceability systems, underpinning their integrity claims through scientific verification.

By commencing this partnership with AUSVEG, Source Certain is showing its valued support for the Australian vegetable growers and broader industry.

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Mr. Cameron Scadding, Managing Director, Source Certain International Pty Ltd

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