FreshPlaza: Scientific provenance verification in the global fruit and vegetable sector

"When we build unique fingerprints, we see information that most people don't see"

A global scientific provenance verification and supply chain integrity company is hoping to grow and offer more of its services in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Source Certain International (SCI), based in Perth, brings scientific technology to verify product provenance, authenticity and associated traceability or chain of custody data. While provenance verification in itself is not exclusive, Managing Director Cameron Scadding says what makes his company’s technology different is that the team has spent over 40 years developing, refining it and actually using it.

"Our practitioner edge enables us to operate in-market with confidence that we can take results where our clients need to, ranging from internally, through to a potential legal setting,” he said. “As we developed the science and the associated analytical methods that are needed to deliver the provenance capability, we are able to profile items to a level of precision at a level of detection that is hard for our competitors. The translation of the technology into a trust-building service has come from our experience and I think this sets us apart. "

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