SCI announces partnership with Reid Fruits cherry producer

Reid Fruits combines Aussie tech to beat cherry fraud

Perth, Western Australia (25 November 2020) – She mightn’t be all apples, but she’s all cherries for Tasmania’s Reid Fruits as it deploys Laava’s patented Smart Fingerprint secure label technology again this summerfruits season – building on its success thwarting at least 10 counterfeiting attempts in season 2019/20.

But the protection won’t stop there for the Tasmanian premium fruits leader. This season, Reid Fruits becomes the first Australian horticultural exporter to combine Laava Smart Fingerprints and Source Certain International (SCI) provenance verification technology, and pair it with e-Commerce and digital marketing company RooLife Group Ltd (ASX:RLG) (“RooLife”) Guzhang consumer engagement and social commerce platform.

The joint partnership combines scientific and digital security measures to give Reid Fruits one of the industry’s strongest brand protection capabilities and integrates them with a consumer engagement platform and media campaign tailored to its key markets SCI is globally renowned for its provenance verification technology, TSW TraceTM, which analyses the chemical, molecular, elemental and isotopic composition of products which are directly influenced by where the product is grown. SCI’s scientific technology is already in use throughout Australia’s prawn, pork and barramundi industries, safeguarding the integrity of export markets and helping avoid significant economic loss to Australia.

Engaging Source Certain and RooLife builds on a tradition at Reid Fruits of constant innovation, product integrity and support for its customers and consumers. This expanded capability for season 2020/21 puts Reid in a tier most fruit exporters globally have yet to achieve.

Managing Director of Reid Fruits Tim Reid, said the combination of Laava and Source Certain gives consumers confidence when buying their cherries, that they are getting what they paid for. “For our export partners, it demonstrates we are continually innovating to protect our brand and look after our customers and partners.”

Commercial Director and Joint-CEO of Laava, Gavin Ger said, “We are honoured to partner again with Reid Fruits this year, and delighted to be collaborating with Source Certain and RooLife to bring the power of our combined Australian technology to protect and enhance one of Australia’s most revered export brands.”

The Source Certain provenance protection program for Reid Fruits will see cherries from all of Reid Fruits’ southern Tasmanian orchards being sampled and analysed. Each orchard will carry a chemical fingerprint unique to that specific location, which will be stored in a secure database for the potential of cross-referencing during future in-market sampling activities.

Source Certain COO, Grant Erskine said, “We implement scientific verification technology within ongoing programs that protect the integrity of food as it moves from high quality producers like Reid Fruits at their farms in Tasmania all the way through to consumers in Australia and abroad. Our ongoing verification of the cherries in-market is a great complement to the on-product digital authentication of the Laava Fingerprint – and now this year consumers will be able to learn the full story.”

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