Austral Fisheries and Source Certain elevate Toothfish provenance verification

Last year we worked with industry leader Austral Fisheries on a co-funded project by the FRDC - Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to evaluate the application of our TSW Trace® technology, to further verify the provenance of Patagonian toothfish caught near Heard Island.

The project has now been completed and has successfully demonstrated that TSW Trace® enables the:

1. Verification of discrete provenance of Austral’s toothfish


2. Tracing of illegally caught fish to specific source locations

Our analysis of the Heard Island & McDonald Islands (HIMI) fishery identified six clear zones (discrete provenance locations), with a further four possible within one of these zones.

While other provenance technologies can identify the country or region of origin of a product, we have developed our methods to pinpoint the discrete source of production. This is where best practices are employed, like sustainable fishery management, making it imperative to distinguish between a generalised geographical area and a precise location.

We encourage you to read the full report from Austral Fisheries yourselves and take a closer look at our provenance verification technology.