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Cameron Scadding is a Forensic and Analytical Chemist, a globally recognised and respected expert in his discipline with extensive complex forensic investigation experience. Cameron has specific experience and expertise in supply chain integrity, security and managing supply chain risks he is invited to speak regularly on global trends in supply chain integrity, specifically around agri-food, the integrity of food, food fraud, transparency, trust, traceability and provenance. Cameron’s supply chain and forensic skill set has made him a leading consultant and leader in the emerging global cannabis industry with cannabis clients ranging from cultivators, processors, cannabinoid pharmaceutical companies and governments.


In addition to his role as Managing Director of Source Certain, Cameron is a founder and the CEO of TSW Analytical Pty Ltd and TSW Global.; a Perth based scientific investigation, forensic and analytical service and technology company that has been operating since 2006. Cameron has previously held senior research positions in both academia and industry and has served as Director of a not for profit state sporting association.


Managing Director

Grant Erskine’s role is to oversee the expansion of Source Certain's unique provenance technology to a broader global market where we support our customers create value by maintaining product quality and consumer trust through the delivery of transparent supply chains that link their product back to its source of origin. Prior to Source Certain International, Grant had a successful career working as a business leader across Banking, Advisory and Commercial fields. Within those roles, Grant was responsible for building and leading teams deliver end to end business solutions for businesses and customers alike: designing strategy; project implementation; customer execution; team culture; people development; risk management; financial performance; and value creation. Grant’s previous experience across banking and commerce bodes well for Source Certain with the continuation of a philosophy where the first value we create is for our customers through the seamless execution of Source Certain's target services. In doing so, Source Certain will share in that success and form strong long term relationships with our customers that deliver mutually beneficial results for all stakeholders.


Chief Commercial Officer

Rachel Scadding serves as Source Certain International’s Chief Operating Officer, and is responsible for overseeing the efficiency of SCI’s operations, driving innovation and development to ensure SCI is at the forefront of provenance technology, as well as maintaining the connect between Source Certain and its analytical partner, TSW Analytical. Rachel has been a Director of TSW Analytical since 2008 and serves in an operational role as General Manager, Scientific Services. She is a qualified Forensic and Analytical Chemist, published author, and expert in the areas of forensic investigation, chemical analysis of trace evidence, and multivariate statistical interpretation. Rachel has also served as Executive Director of Source Science and Technology Pty Ltd. She holds BSc (Honours 1st) in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry from Curtin University, Perth and continued within academia to become an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Forensic Science (2009-2013). Rachel has served on the committee of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society since 2006, and as Society’s Vice President in 2011 and 2012. Rachel is a Member of the Royal Chemical Institute of Australia, the Australian New Zealand Forensic Science Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Chief Operating Officer

Nathan Dubrich is an experienced sales and business development professional whose role is Head of Sales Australia for Source Certain International.  The objective of the role is to manage the expansion of Source Certain’s unique provenance technology and to create greater value and trust for producers, suppliers and consumers across the markets we operate in.  Prior to Source Certain International, Nathan has had a successful career working in sales, business development, operations and leadership roles across Retail, Franchising, Consumer Products and Export Markets.   Across these roles, Nathan was responsible for sales generation, customer relationships, business transformation, team leadership, project management and business coaching.  Nathan’s previous experience across a broad range of industries, clients and a sound understanding of business operational departments sets him up well for Source Certain where we want to make real connections with our customers and build customised solutions using Source Certain's world leading technology and services.  Nathan is passionate about building strong, long lasting relationships that deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for all. 


Head of Sales - Australia

Jenna Valentin serves as the General Manager for Source Certain International. Her primary responsibility is in the development, support and oversight of requirements relating specifically to the licensing and application of the technology, including communication and handling of technical information relevant to Source Certain International’s operations. She has held positions as a Scientific Officer and Team Leader of the Food Forensics division at TSW Analytical since 2009. She has extensive experience in the application of the TSW TraceTM technology, with a specific focus on provenance establishment of food and food products. Jenna holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Laws LLB (Honours) from the University of Western Australia, Perth. 


General Manager

Sarah Sutcliffe is a versatile Office Manager, Company Secretary and Corporate Governance Professional.  She has extensive experience in providing all-encompassing support to Boards and Senior Management Teams.  Sarah has extensive knowledge in corporate governance principles and company secretariat matters.  She has a good understanding of HR principles and demonstrated ability to build and maintain trusting professional relationships.  Sarah is a Certificated member of the Governance Institute of Australia and an Affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Currently she serves as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant for Source Certain International Pty Ltd.


Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Glenn McClelland has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur focused primarily in food and agribusiness. Since mid-2013, Glenn has focused his efforts on the commercialisation of a food provenance technology, TSW Trace™ developed by TSW Analytical Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia. With those partners, he co-founded Source Certain International Pte Ltd. Prior to SCI, Glenn was a co-founder of M2P2 LLC, a leading hog production company in the US that produced over 1,200,000 market hogs annually. He served as CFO of M2P2 until 2005 when he became M2P2’s CEO, a position he retained until he resigned in January 2012. Under Glenn’s guidance, M2P2 became one of the top hog production companies in the US. By assembling one of the best management teams in the US, and then guiding this team in the application of next-generation technology, processes and procedures in the areas of nutrition, genetics and production procedures, Glenn and his team created a world-class production company. Prior to M2P2, Glenn was a co-founder of Mariah Foods, a pork processor with operations across two states, and served as Mariah’s CFO until 1995. Glenn holds a Colorado CPA certificate, (non-practicing), and received his BA (Business Administration) from Kansas State University. 


Project Leader - North America