Cameron Scadding

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Scadding is a forensic and analytical chemist who is experienced in his discipline with extensive complex forensic investigation knowledge.


Cameron has specific experience and expertise in supply chain integrity, security and managing supply chain risks and is invited to speak regularly on global trends in supply chain integrity, specifically around agri-food, the integrity of food, food fraud, transparency, trust, traceability and provenance.


Cameron’s supply chain and forensic skill set has also made him a consultant in the emerging global cannabis industry.

In addition to his role as Managing Director and CEO of the Company, Cameron was a founder of the Company and a founder and the CEO of TSW Global and TSW Analytical.

Anthony Shields

Executive Director

Anthony Shields is the managing director of Asymmetric Investment Management Pty Ltd, a Perth-based investment manager specialising in private debt.


Prior to this, Anthony established and managed an investment portfolio for a large family office in Perth, Western Australia. He was responsible for asset allocation and portfolio management, risk management, investment and macro-economic analysis.

He currently sits on the board of another Perth-based family office, advising on investment strategy and portfolio management and is also a non-executive director of Carnegie Clean Energy Limited (ASX:CCE).


Prior to his family office investment roles, Anthony worked for Deutsche Bank in equity and derivatives sales and trading and for Macquarie Bank as an equity analyst and institutional equity sales and trading.

Grant Erskine

Chief Commercial Officer

Grant has had a successful career working as a business leader across Banking, Advisory, and Commercial fields.


Within those roles, Grant was responsible for building and leading teams that deliver end to end business solutions for businesses and customers alike with focuses on strategy design, project implementation, risk management, financial performance, and value creation.


Grant joined Source Certain due to his strongly held belief that its unique science-based technology will be a global force for good in the delivery of our most important social goals – the sustainable and ethical production of food and minerals that feed and protect the planet and allow all communities to share in the opportunities that those supply chains present.


Grant's role at Source Certain is to design and implement services utilising our technology that incentivises good behaviour within supply chains and creates value for those who deliver on those good behaviours.

Rachel Scadding

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Scadding is a qualified forensic and analytical chemist, published author and experienced in the areas of forensic investigation, chemical analysis of trace evidence and multivariate statistical interpretation.

Rachel has also served as executive director of Source Science and Technology Pty Ltd and director of TSW Analytical Pty Ltd since 2008.


She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry from Curtin University, Perth and is an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Forensic Science. 


Rachel is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) and served on the committee for the ANZFSS between 2006 to 2020 and served as Vice President 2011 to 2012.

Nick Fiori

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Fiori is a Chartered Accountant with experience in restructuring and corporate finance transactions.


His previous transaction experience included developing financial forecasting models for debt facility applications and assisting companies with valuations, merger & acquisition transactions and capital raisings.

Nick joined the Company in February 2021 and is responsible for providing insights into the financial and operational performance of the business.

Nina Lintott

Joint Company Secretary

Nina Lintott joined the Company in August 2021.


She has nine years of experience in providing support to company secretarial and governance teams and over three years of experience as an assistant company secretary for private companies and public companies located in Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Nina has previously been involved in a number of equity and debt raisings for private and public companies.

Rose Aitken

General Manager, Corporate Communications

Rose Aitken has over ten years of experience in marketing, communications and brand strategy development.


She has worked within the private and public sectors of healthcare, not for profit, fitness, corporate service, education and food industries.

Rose joined the Company in March 2020 as its head of marketing and brand and was appointed to general manager of corporate communications in November 2021.