Pioneers of provenance science

Our proprietary provenance verification technology TSW Trace® was born out of “gold-fingerprinting” technology that was pioneered by our Chief Scientist Dr John Watling in the late 1970s and was extensively used to identify the provenance of stolen gold by linking it back to its mine of origin.

TSW Trace® now powers our primary scientific provenance verification service that allow clients to robustly verify the authenticity of a vast suite of products at any point in the supply chain, independently of labelling or tracking data.

Expert knowledge

Source Certain International is actively involved in cutting-edge scientific research with institutions internationally, and facilitates an exceptional, highly applied research and training environment. Our team of analytical and forensic scientists have experience working in the private sector, research and education.

Australian innovation

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Source Certain works with clients all around the globe. Our state of the art laboratory facilities and offices are located in Perth. Our scientific technologies have seen over 40 years of development here in Australia and we are dedicated to growing Australia's reputation as the centre for scientific innovation.

Robust and proven technology

Our proprietary technology, TSW Trace®, has been applied thousands of times in the forensic sphere and criminal justice system in addition to solving problems in the corporate world. It is accepted in Case Law and stands as a benchmark of forensic science. We are the preferred supplier of forensic services to several law enforcement and investigation agencies.

Leaders in supply chain integrity

We are the leading provider of product authenticity, supply chain integrity and anti-counterfeit services. We work with industry bodies, companies and producers to deliver safe food supply chains, integrity in labelling claims, trust for consumers and value for producers. 

Our team is actively involved in advisory events and public engagements throughout the year.


Our vision is to support the sustainable development of natural resources across food, fibre and minerals for the benefit of all global communities.