Posted 21/12/2021

Company Announcement
Monday 21 December 2021

King River Resources Limited (ASX:KRR) is continuing its work with Source Certain International Limited (Source Certain) following a contract extension for a further 6 months.

The renewed contract will support the development of a Laboratory Scale Pilot Plant, which builds on two years of process flow sheet work executed by Source Certain.

Source Certain has completed the commissioning of the Laboratory Scale Pilot Plant and has been successful in producing multiple batches of KRR Type 1 Precursor. The very first run of the plant produced 99.9995% purity Type 1 Precursor, which is an excellent result for a first run of the operation. The purpose of the Laboratory Scale Pilot Plant is to run bulk laboratory sample production, which is now in progress.

“King River Resources is very happy with Source Certain’s performance on our project. From the conception of the project through to the commissioning of the Laboratory Scale Pilot Plant, Source Certain have been collaborative and continued to not just deliver the work but continually provided valuable contribution to ensure a successful outcome,” said Doug Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer of KRR’s High Purity Metals Division.

The project is led by Source Certain’s Principal Minerals Consultant, Sven Fjastad. Sven has been working with King River Resources to develop their process flow sheet for high purity alumina and conduct ongoing assay checks to confirm +99.99% high purity alumina at KRR’s Speewah Dome project in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The process has demonstrated its capability of producing the precursor at +99.999% purity prior to the commissioning of the Laboratory Scale Pilot Plant.

“It’s rewarding seeing the Pilot Plant ready to go following two years of process development. We’re confident that it will deliver excellent results over the next few months. There’s an advanced nature to the scientific processes and instrumentation required for this work and we’re glad it’s been carried out by two Western Australian companies.” said Sven.