Posted 25/10/2021

Perth based scientific technology company, Source Certain International (SCI), will be providing their scientific provenance verification services to support a federally funded blockchain pilot for traceability and certification of critical minerals.

The pilot will be funded by an A$3 million grant from the Australian Government, which was awarded to blockchain company Everledger in July as part of the Blockchain Pilot Program.

Everledger’s blockchain technology will be used to create a ‘digital certification’ for critical minerals throughout the supply chain from extraction to processing and export to global markets. The pilot aims to help companies in the sector adhere to compliance regulations and increase the demand for Australian minerals in global markets while also simplifying the process and lowering costs.

SCI’s chemical profiling technology will enable the scientific verification of mine-level provenance of the mineral selected for the pilot, independent of supporting claims and chain of custody data.

This will provide the ability to conduct scientific verification of origin against an immutable digital record, stored on Everledger’s blockchain.

Cameron Scadding, SCI Managing Director and Founder said: “This pilot will showcase two Australian technology companies collaborating to deliver on the need to build more transparent, trusted and resilient critical minerals and metals supply chains.”

SCI developed the technology TSW Trace® to verify product provenance through the scientific analysis of the product’s chemical, elemental, trace metal and isotopic levels, enabling the identification of the precise environmental origin of a product.

Everledger Founder and CEO Leanne Kemp said: “We are thrilled to partner with Source Certain International on this pilot project for the Australian Government.

Australian critical minerals are some of the highest quality in the world. More importantly, they are the essential building blocks for the clean energy technologies of the future.

Everledger is proud, with all of our partners, to be the platform that enables transparency, provenance and traceability for the benefit of trusted supply chains

Other key partners joining the project include CSIRO and Data61, with project coordination occurring at Everledger’s Brisbane base.

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