Posted 13/12/2023

We are proud to highlight the suppliers we work with at Source Certain and our commitment to helping them mediate transparency and trust in the supply chain by sharing information about our work together.

Written by
Rachel King, Executive Officer ACPF

The Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries (ACPF)

The Australian wild prawn industry catches and markets Australia’s best prawns! That’s the goal of the Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries (ACPF) on behalf of its members, who are regional, State, and Commonwealth wild-prawn fishing and marketing associations and individual fishing companies around Australia. The ACPF’s goals for its members are that, together, we are:

  • The preferred suppliers of premium prawns to discerning consumers
  • Celebrated for our stewardship and sustainable, ethical use of marine resources
  • Profitable based on well-run businesses and fair prices
  • Respected as professional fishing families and businesses
  • Leaders and employers of choice in the seafood industry

Directed by those goals, we lead with a voluntary industry-funded promotional campaign to differentiate Australian wild prawns in the market. The campaign invests in major supermarkets, independent retailers, high-end food media and social media.

Our work with Source Certain, alongside Curtin University, to authenticate Australian wild prawns in the retail environment is critical to underpin the industry’s brand. The brand calls consumers to Taste the Wild as pure flavour can only be found in nature. The brand must represent confidence and trust. Source Certain’s covert surveillance of retail products and the release of the results to the supply chain and the wider community drives confidence.

With its members, the ACPF is on the front foot addressing issues that threaten the sector’s social licence – and inevitably our access to fish in Australia’s oceans. The sector is already leading the world in its fisheries management practices and innovative ways to reduce bycatch. But our fisher’s innovation never stops and the prawn fisheries around Australia are embarking on a new series of projects to further mitigate trawl impacts.

Everything we do underpins Taste the Wild brand trust and confidence. Source Certain’s authentication work is the keystone that drives brand respect through the entire supply chain to the consumer.

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