Posted 23/11/2023

The European Union’s Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) has brought focus to transparency in supply chains across various industries. As this regulation takes effect, it becomes crucial for businesses to understand its implications and ensure compliance. At Source Certain, we recognise the challenges that companies face in adapting to these new regulations, and we are here to help.

Who Does It Affect?

Under the EUDR, all relevant businesses intending to import certain commodities into the EU market must carry out comprehensive due diligence procedures to guarantee they are deforestation-free. These commodities include palm oil, beef, soy, coffee, cocoa, timber, rubber, and their respective derivatives such as animal feed, furniture, or chocolate. The selection of these products stems from a comprehensive impact evaluation, identifying them as key contributors to deforestation resulting from agricultural expansion.

What You Need to Do?

To comply with the EUDR, operators and traders must meet specific requirements. They must provide evidence that the products they offer are both deforestation-free (produced on land that remained unaffected by deforestation after December 31, 2020) and legal (in compliance with all relevant applicable laws in the country of production). Additionally, companies will be required to collect precise geographical information about the farmland where the sourced commodities have been grown. Our scientific testing capability and forensic provenance method provide the necessary evidence of verification for the origin of commodities and associated products. By partnering with us, you can navigate the complexities of the EUDR and safeguard your supply chain integrity.

How Does Source Certain Help?

Many of the commodities listed under the EUDR have opaque supply chains and lack the ability to deliver any sort of traceability. Due to this, commodities from sources associated with deforestation or forest degradation can be laundered into the supply chain while buyers are none-the-wiser. Scientific testing supports due diligence that businesses perform by providing them with the vital information needed to confirm commodities are from the origin as declared or labelled, and are therefore deforestation-free.

To ensure your company complies with the upcoming regulations and avoid penalties, contact our team at Source Certain is here to provide the necessary guidance and solutions to support your duediligence system with scientific verification of provenance.

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