Posted 19/11/2021


ESG: Track, Trace & Provenance – Where is the future headed?

The disappointment of COP26’s lack of consideration of critical minerals and raw materials is difficult to hide. As world leaders gathered to discuss grand plans for decarbonisation, the focus was solely on the ambitions, with little consideration of the how, where and when this decarbonisation would take place. How will we extract all the necessary materials to create the green technology and associated infrastructure as responsibly as possible? Where will all these raw materials be coming from? Will we get all the raw materials out of the ground in time to make a difference and build the wind turbines, electric vehicles, solar panels we need for renewable energy?

How we source critical minerals will ultimately impact whether these green alternatives are truly green, or if they come with a heavy price tag of CO2 emissions and environmental damage.

On the Monday morning of the last week of COP26, the Critical Minerals Association hosted a breakfast chat with industry leaders to discuss how blockchain and provenance verification technologies are shaping environment, social & governance (ESG) expectations. Jeff Townsend, Founder, CMA was joined by Jamie Strauss, Founder, Digbee, Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, Founder, Circulor and, Nathan Dubrich, Head of Sales, Source Certain International.”

Read the full article and watch the webinar on the Critical Minerals Association website here.