Halo Technology™

Halo Technology™ powers the geochemical exploration arm of Source Certain International. Halo is a next generation scientific technology with over 20 years of development in our Australian labs.


It is an efficient alternative to conventional exploration methods and is the technology of choice for the exploration of buried ore bodies.


Buried and Blind Ore Bodies

Over 60% of Australia is covered by overburden to an extent that makes it geochemically sterile to conventional exploration methods. These areas do not exhibit significant outcrop or relevant geomorphological features. The next generation of exploration targets will be below cover and over 100m deep requiring new technologies like Halo to identify their existence.


High Level of Precision

Halo Technology™ incorporates state of the art Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). ICP-MS is used to determine analyte concentrations down to parts per trillion. This low level of detection means that even very low analyte concentrations can be determined with a high level of precision, giving greater confidence in using a multi elemental interpretation approach to better define potential drill targets.


Highly sensitive technology

Halo employs superior methodologies to partial leaching and traditional processes to solubilise the surface coating of soil particles relative to that of the internal mineral grain. The result is a high concentration of required analytes in the final analytical solution necessary to positively identifying the presence of a buried ore body.


Unparalleled depth detection

Halo has been used to detect sub-cropping buried base metal mineralization at a depth of 165m in a sand plain environment in the United States. Conventional geochemistry cannot be relied upon to identify any buried and blind ore bodies below deep cover as any potential anomaly will be indistinguishable from background.


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