Halo Technology™

Halo Technology™ powers the geochemical exploration arm of Source Certain International. Halo is a next-generation scientific technology with over 20 years of development in our Australian labs.


It is an efficient alternative to conventional exploration methods and is the technology of choice for the exploration of buried ore bodies.


Buried and blind ore bodies

Most of the orebodies with surface or near-surface expression have already been discovered.


The next generation of exploration targets will be below cover and over 100m deep. Over 60% of Australia is covered by overburden to an extent that makes it geochemically sterile to conventional exploration methods.


High level of precision

Halo Technology™ uses state of the art Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). ICP-MS is used to determine analyte concentrations down to parts per trillion. This low level of detection means that even very low analyte concentrations can be determined with a high level of precision, giving greater confidence in using a multi element interpretational approach to identify the possibility of sub-cropping mineralisation.



Highly sensitive technology

Halo Technology™ employs a proprietary leaching protocol that can dissolve hydromorphically deposited elements from the surface of soil grains and improve the possibility of finding the surface signature of a sub-cropping buried or blind orebody.


Unparalleled depth detection

Halo has been used to detect sub-cropping base metal mineralisation at a depth of 165m in a sandplain environment in the United States.


Conventional geochemistry cannot be relied upon to identify buried or blind orebodies below deep cover as a potential anomaly has a high probability of being indistinguishable from background.

Rapid results

Halo is designed to be a cost-effective, fast and reliable component of a holistic geochemical exploration service. We offer a 5-10 day standard turnaround as well as a rapid 2-3 day turnaround for rapid jobs.


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