Halo Technology™ (Halo) is a next-generation scientific technology with over 20 years of development and evaluation in our Australian labs. Halo powers our Geochemical Exploration Program, which is available to Australian and international mining and exploration companies. 

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Halo is a highly sensitive technology that has demonstrated very high promise as a geochemical exploration tool in areas covered with overburden and at depths greater than 100m.

Download our successful 2023 Case Study, which was designed to determine if Halo technology is able to find any surface indication of buried mineralization.

Following the case study two diamond drillholes have been sunk, confirming mineralization, the extent and grade which will be determined after further drilling.

Halo Technology Case Study

Next-generation technology

Most of the ore bodies with surface or near-surface expression have already been discovered. The next generation of exploration targets will be below cover and over 100m deep. Over 60% of Australia is covered by overburden to an extent that makes it geochemically sterile to conventional exploration methods.

Unparalleled depth detection

Halo has been used to detect sub-cropping, buried and blind, base metal mineralization at depths of approximately 165m. Conventional geochemistry cannot be relied upon to identify any buried and blind ore bodies below deep cover as any potential anomaly is likely to not be distinguishable from background, using this protocol.

Highly sensitive process

Halo employs a biochemically based leaching protocol that dissolves hydromorphically deposited elements from only the surface of soil grains. The analytical process functions with exceptionally low detection limits, which improves the possibility of finding the surface signature of a sub-cropping buried or blind orebody.

Halo is a new, better way for geochemical exploration.

Worldwide service

Our Perth-based laboratory in Western Australia services an international client base. We are equipped for fast receipt of samples from within Australia or around the world. Our highly experienced scientific team specialises in analytical, mineral exploration and mineral chemistry.

Fast and cost-effective

While Halo is designed to work with concurrent exploration programs, it can also be deployed quickly by making use of existing collected samples. The speed of the testing means fast-tracking follow-up exploration methods, such as subsoil drilling, can be used more efficiently.

Service overview

Elemental detection

  • Routine detection of up to 61 analytes.
  • Additional 7 analytes can be tested upon request.
  • Rhodium and iridium are generally used as internal standards.

Our analyte spectrum enables identification of the following mineralization types in a single analytical run:

  • Gold and PGMs.
  • Base Metals (e.g. Cu:Pb:Zn).
  • Laterites (Ni, Co and Cr).
  • Pegmatites (Li, Be, B, REE’s).
  • Kimberlite pipes (diamond mineralization) REE’s, Li, Y, K, Ca, Sc, Cs.

Service turnaround

  • 5-10 day standard turnaround.
  • 2-3 day rapid turnaround.

The minimum mass of the submitted sample must be 10g after screening to <80# BSS (180µm)

Halo is a next-generation scientific technology with over 20 years of development in our Australian labs. It is an efficient alternative to conventional exploration methods and is the technology of choice for detecting buried and blind ore-bodies.

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