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Geochemical Exploration

Powered by Halo Technology™


Halo Technology™ powers the geochemical exploration arm of Source Certain International. Halo is a next-generation scientific technology with over 20 years of development in our Australian labs. Halo is an efficient alternative to conventional exploration methods and is the technology of choice for detecting buried and blind orebodies.

Next generation of geoexploration

Halo is a highly sensitive technology capable of uncovering buried and blind orebodies. Halo has been used to successfully identify a base metal orebody that was buried at 165m below the surface in a sandplain, desert environment in the USA.


Offering a global service

Our Perth based laboratory in Western Australia services an international client base. We are equipped for fast receipt of samples from within Australia or around the world. Our highly experienced scientific team specialises in analytical, mineral exploration and mineral chemistry.


Rapid results

Halo is designed to be a cost effective, fast and reliable geochemical exploration service. Halo caters to large expanses of land with exploration potential. The speed of our methods means fast-tracking subsequent explorative methods, like subsoil drilling.


Benefits of Halo

  • Better detection limits for pathfinder elements.

  • Better anomaly to background resolution.

  • Deeper sub-surface penetration for the discovery of buried and blind orebodies.

  • Fast and cost effective turn-around for samples and results.

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Desert Road

A new, better way for geochemical exploration.