Foundational Analytical Services

Our analytical services are focused on solving problems that cannot be addressed by the suppliers of routine laboratory analysis. We have established a reputation for technical excellence and have grown to become a leading supplier of forensic and analytical chemistry services both across Australia and abroad.

Expert results, expert team

The highly diverse expertise of our team enables provision of services to almost any client across private organisation or government sectors; from those involved in mining and exploration, to food regulators, producers and distributors, law enforcement agencies (domestically and internationally), consultants to the oil and gas industry as well as those pursuing academic endeavours.


Our solutions are faster and cost-effective

  • General Analytical Chemistry

  • Forensic Science Services 

  • Food and Agricultural Testing

  • Mining and Exploration

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Biological and Entomological

  • Digital Forensics & Data Discovery

  • Scientific Investigation

  • Education & Training

  • Consultancy

  • Expert Witness Testimony