Posted 03/07/2024

Over the last 25 years, Professor Ian Dadour, Head of Research and Education at Source Certain, has conducted research studies into traumatic sheep myiasis, otherwise known as flystrike, a common issue plaguing the sheep industry in Australia and abroad.

This latest myiasis research in collaboration with Murdoch colleagues Tharindu Bambaradeniya and Paola Magni focuses on a secondary strike species of carrion and a lethal myiasis fly in the sheep industry. The study aims to understand the influence of soil type and moisture on the development of these flies.

This study confirms the common notion that livestock on dry soils are at higher risk of the disease than those grazing on wet soils in high rainfall regions.

The paper is titled, “Influence of Soil Type and Moisture on Pupal Development of Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart) at Two Different Temperatures.” Download the full copy below.

Download study