Posted 03/07/2024

Source Certain completes the acquisition of commercial origin verification service provider, Agroisolab UK.

Perth, Western Australia – Source Certain, a leading provider of origin verification and supply chain integrity services, has completed the acquisition of Agroisolab UK Ltd (AIL UK), a United Kingdom-based analytical science company specialising in origin verification using isotope analysis.

Source Certain is an Australian-based science technology company that provides origin verification and analytical science services to an international client base. Source Certain’s proprietary technology, TSW Trace®, powers its scientific origin (provenance) verification service. TSW Trace comprises methodologies, processes, and procedures that include isotope analysis.

Source Certain formed an operating partnership with Agroisolab in 2017 to support the delivery of origin testing, food fraud investigations and product authentication.

The acquisition is driven by economic and regulatory changes in the EU, which have identified a more substantial reliance on scientific analysis as part of origin verification, specifically for timber and commodities such as coffee, cocoa, palm oil, soy, beef and rubber, which are subject to the new European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

“Source Certain has represented Australian innovation within science and technology on the global stage for over 15 years. The acquisition of Agroisolab UK will strengthen Source Certain’s presence in Europe and provide on-ground support to our Northern Hemisphere clients,” says Cameron Scadding, CEO of Source Certain.

“Over the past 24 months, the European Union has been at the forefront of regulatory changes in supply chain due diligence requirements. The acquisition will see Source Certain have a physical, operational presence in the EU region, ensuring we can provide the support that stakeholders affected by this regulation require,” continues Scadding.

The acquisition sees Source Certain acquire a UK-based operation, experienced technical personnel and specialised scientific solutions.

“With a growing client base, it is our priority to develop new ways to best service our clients in a manner that is cost effective and efficient to them. The acquisition better positions the business to service the strong demand we are seeing for commodities subject to the new EUDR regulation. Our technology and experience in this space make it an excellent fit,” says Rachel Scadding, COO of Source Certain.

Roger Young, CEO of Agroisolab UK, joins the Source Certain executive team as CEO of Source Certain UK.

“I am excited to be joining the Source Certain team. I can see so much opportunity in leveraging the AIL UK experience including the exciting opportunity of introducing our customers to Source Certain’s capabilities, reputation and experience. Now it’s back to work as new regulations are imminent that require more due diligence and verification of origin,” says Young.

The acquisition of Agroisolab UK is part of a global expansion strategy for Source Certain.