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Modern supply chains are increasingly complex and truly global. This presents a challenge as the demand for better quality assurance systems to manage the heightened risk of contamination, product recall and the damage to business and brand reputation grows. Consumer trust is the foundation of customer loyalty for leading brands. Source Certain provides a platform to verify the integrity of your supply chain - a platform that can be used to enhance consumer trust and build loyalty in your brand and your products.

Current approaches to Quality Assurance (QA) and Traceability have not kept pace with the integration and complexity of the global supply chain. Source Certain brings breakthrough technology to verify paper-based traceability and QA systems, reducing the risk of costly recalls that can damage or destroy your reputation. Consumer confidence in your brand must be earned and protected every day. Increasing risk of mislabeling, product substitution and outright fraud make your brand and reputation more vulnerable than ever before. Source Certain offers a better way to manage risk and protect your brand and reputation.


Our Goals

Source Certain can:

  • REDUCE UNCERTAINTY: Verify the integrity of your supply chain.
  • MINIMISE RISK: Minimise the reach and impact of product recalls and minimise the risk of inadvertent false claims.
  • VERIFY PAPER-BASED QA SYSTEMS: Assure the accuracy and strength of current QA systems.
  • PROTECT YOUR BRAND AND REPUTATION: Protect your most valuable asset - consumer trust in your brand.

Who We Are

Source Certain is a global service business commercialising the unique TSW TraceTM traceability technology and capabilities. Source Certain delivers supply chain traceability and verification services, enabling its clients to robustly and independently trace products at any point in the supply chain, to its source. Source Certain offers a real security solution for supply chains and builds confidence, in turn developing trust with consumers.

Using the TSW TraceTM technology, Source Certain can trace food or non-food products (including pharmaceuticals, precious metals, gems, conflict minerals), along its supply chain back to its source or origin. This capability presents the opportunity to manage a range of supply chain risks and potentially add value to a customer through building confidence in their systems which could deliver enhanced trust from the consumer. Current supply chain management and traceability systems are missing the capability of taking the final "actual" product and verifying the source.

At Source Certain our core value is integrity. We bring a unique forensic-based understanding of global supply chains and expertise in chemical profiling to address challenges of credibility, trust and source verification for modern supply chains.

Who Benefits: Customers and Stakeholders

  • CONSUMERS: We ensure consumers have confidence in the integrity of the products they purchase.
  • PRODUCERS: We can minimize the risk of product substitution and fraud, protecting brand reputation, consumer trust, and retailer relationships.
  • MANUFACTURERS & DISTRIBUTORS: We can provide source verification of raw products received prior to processing, protection of those on-sold products into the market place.
  • RETAILERS: We provide retailers supply chain integrity, protecting the retailer's brand reputation and credibility.